FBLA Arizona loves Building Better Members! At each conference, our State Officer Team recognizes members that they see going above and beyond in their service to FBLA! Check out these stories from our awesome members at the 2013 Fall Leadership Extravaganza!

Joshua Lewis– San Tan Foothills High School: “At FLEX, there are many exemplary members, but rarely are there members such as Joshua Lewis. A Sophomore at San Tan Foothills High School, Joshua is a phenomenal leader who took every opportunity which was presented  to him to make the most out of his time at FLEX. He was enormously  helpful, dependable, and punctual to all his events. Joshua is a person of great potential, and will undoubtedly reach great heights in life. FBLA Arizona is definitely proud to have Joshua Lewis as a part of this extraordinary organization.”

Brynne Peters– Vail Academy High School: “Brynne Peters was selected to receive the Building Better Member Pin at the FLEX conference this year because he stood out from the rest! He is a very active member in his chapter and plans to run for state office this coming year. Brynne was very positive and had tons of enthusiasm. He was very spirited and always seemed engaged throughout the entire session. Way to go Brynne, keep up the great work in FBLA Arizona!”

Adan Khan– Kingman Academy of Learning High School: “He stood out in the crowd. He was helping people out when they looked lost. He was very active in the workshop, and he convinced people to go to workshops they wouldn’t normally go to and made them, and himself, try news things.”

Chione Pleas– Vail Academy High School: “Chione was chosen for the Building Better Members Pin because she showed great interest at the Running for State Officer Workshop.  She was super positive and involved throughout the entire workshop. Even when the workshop ended early, she was friendly and interactive with other members attending the workshop and kept an upbeat attitude. Chione was very professional and active during the duration of the State Officer Workshop, proving she deserved the Building Better Member Pin!”

Matthew Burton– Tonopah Valley High School: “Matthew stood out to me because he was helpful, optimistic, and didn’t complain when I asked for his help.”

Kevin Vicencio– San Tan Foothills High School: “Kevin stood out because of his positivity and enthusiasm during workshops. He actively participated and was very helpful and optimistic. He was punctual and demonstrated the characteristics of a leader. He does a great job of representing the outstanding members of our organization!”


 The BCAP program is an annual weeklong event sponsored by EY and the University of Arizona Accounting Department and is offered free of charge to students. Also including in this year’s BCAP program is a one day Experience Day. Experience Day is geared towards students who are unable to attend the week long BCAP program but are still interested in business, accounting, and the UA.
Students who are selected will be housed on campus in dormitories and participate in numerous activities and field trips designed to expose underrepresented student populations to the accounting profession and its various career opportunities. Participants experience the life of a college student while developing and presenting a business plan to accounting professionals.

BCAP is an excellent resource for students who have the ability to attend college but may not believe that they can find funding, or may not have family support for this choice. It is also aimed at talented students who would like to explore the potential of a business major before they start college.

“Mentorships, scholarships, internships, and networking! Come enjoy life as a University of Arizona Wildcat!! Business Careers Awareness Program (BCAP) is an opportunity for high school juniors to learn about accounting and business. BCAP allows you to get the college experience for free! Spend a week at the University of Arizona sponsored by Ernst & Young. You can find the program brochure and application by visiting: http://accounting.eller.arizona.edu/bcap. If you have any questions contact Katie Maxwell at bcap@eller.arizona.edu<mailto:bcap@eller.arizona.edu> .”

Image            Let the games begin! On Saturday November 16, Nogales High School’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter had the honor of holding its third annual Chapter Leadership day. Chapter Leadership Day mirrors that of Officer Training Camp, which was held two months ago in Prescott for FBLA officers. Color teams got together and helped one another create team posters and infamous team chants.

Nine different color groups, all headed by a chapter officer, fought it out to be the top color team. There were three games that each team had to conquer to take the top spot in the competition. Nine teams competed against each other for the most points. After three rounds the points were tallied, but this was not the final score. Each round consisted of a different game that required a team effort to complete. Three games were played: Categories, Dragon Tail and Toss Up. Categories involved giving the teams a random category that they would have to line up according to the rules, but the catch was they had to communicate with one another without speaking, which is easier said than done. In Dragon tail, opposing teams had to remain connected while trying to retrieve the enemy’s flag. Last but not least, toss up was a game where three throwers were blindfolded and had to toss balls into baskets to gain points.

  At the end all nine-color groups converged to create a massive Ninja game where, one by one, members found out who the ultimate ninja warrior was. After an intense thirty-minute game it came down to the final three players all from different teams. After two hours of fun, competitive action, one team came out on top. Brown team amounted a total of 20 points, followed by red team with 19 points, and a three-way tie for third.

            Overall Chapter Leadership Day was a complete success, where color team leaders really had a chance to bond with their color groups. Members enjoyed themselves as well. Each leader was able to see their teamwork together, and realize how much they really enjoy being a part of FBLA. This was just another reason to look forward to a wonderful year.

October Member of the Month

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Dallas Deggendorf, a Senior at Palo Verde High School, has been involved with FBLA for two years now, is Vice-President of her chapter, and is currently working on completing the Future Level of the Business Achievement Awards. Ms. Miller, her adviser, had a couple of words to say as to why she nominated Dallas for the Member of the Month Award:

Dallas has really stepped up this year as a leader in our chapter, serving as Vice-President and being one of the yearbook editors. When Dallas first came to Palo Verde last year from another school she had a negative attitude and didn’t have a leadership role in the class.  Over the past two years Dallas has grown as a student, a person, and a leader.  In addition to her regular school work and school responsibilities she has headed up a successful March of Dimes fundraiser here at Palo Verde that is currently taking place.  Dallas has also been very active in recruiting new members, and making current members accountable.  Her infectious positive attitude and her ability to be a role model make her a member that all other members look up to.

Keep up the amazing work Dallas!

After every FBLA Conference, your State Officer Team recognizes individuals that went above and beyond in displaying their passion and enthusiasm for FBLA Arizona! Here are your Building Better Members Pin Recipients for the 2013 Leadership Camp!
Alberto Acosta: Senior at Buckeye Union High School
Alberto demonstrated leadership qualities in his group by facing every task with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. He was very spirited and managed to help the Silver Team and his peers with all sorts of things during the blackout and participated in the Color Madness sessions. Alberto contributed ideas and was a helping hand in whatever area needed focus. He was a great asset to the Silver Team and that was why he was chosen to receive a Building Better Members Pin.
Kaitlyn Estrada: Junior at Liberty High School
Kaitlyn was a true leader in our group and it was because of this that she deserved the Building Better Members Pin. Whenever I asked for a volunteer she would happily accept, she was always upbeat, she was always positive, and she was always enthusiastic. During the chaotic black out Kaitlyn was always there to lend a helping hand whether it was helping me delegate, getting our team pumped up, or coming up with great ideas. Keep up the amazing work in FBLA Kaitlyn!
Jose Pelagio: Junior at Tonopah Valley High School
Jose stood out from the rest of the group because he is a natural leader. When the group was stuck on a problem Jose took charge and got the group to buckle down. Jose was also very funny and broke the silence in the beginning and made us all laugh. Jose is the definition of a Building  Better Members Pin recipient.
Shelby Shupe: Junior at Pima High School
Shelby Shupe was chosen as one of FBLA Arizona’s Building Better Members because she showed outstanding leadership and confidence. In the color groups at camp, Shelby took charge  and helped her team get their activities done for the duration of the camp. She took the role of a leader when nobody else would, and for that she was chosen as one of the recipients for the Building Better Member at the 2013 Leadership Camp!
Christina Bently: Junior at Nogales High School
Christina is very ambitious and she plans to run for state office this year. During the Great Blackout, Christina volunteered to help pass out markers and papers without even being asked. This was definitely eye-catching because the blackout was a bit stressful, but she helped get the workshop back on track. She paid attention during the whole workshop, and then helped collect markers at the end. Christina is very kind, thoughtful, helpful, and ambitious. She definitely deserved the Building Better Member Pin.
Lauren Easely: Senior at Vail Academy High School
Lauren stood out from other members with exemplary leadership skills. As one of the color team co-captains, Lauren took charge of the Silver Team in the absence of the Team Leader. She kept the group on task with each activity during all of the Color Team Madness sessions and made sure that everybody was excited to be at camp. Lauren was especially active in writing the script for the color team skit and was eager to help out whenever she could. Lauren was a great example of what a leader should be throughout the Leadership Camp.
Ariana Popoff: Senior at Buckeye Union High School
During Leadership Camp, Ariana participated in all the camp activities, she had lots of enthusiasm, and was always eager to help. She also managed to keep her team focused on what the task at hand was. When faced with decision-making and contributing to the different activities Ariana was the first person to volunteer or share an idea, while also making it an enjoyable time for her team and peers. She did an amazing job of leading her team, and that is why she was chosen to receive the Building Better Members Pin.
Micheal Soto: Senior at Washington High School
Micheal was chosen for the Building Better Members Pin because he stepped up when others did not. Micheal helped the leaders of the Brown Team get the people excited and enthusiastic about the activities. Throughout the entire camp he always had the mentality of team first; individual later. Which was really useful during the camp games, brainstorming for a team skit, and coming up with the team chant. All in all Micheal was a great team player, showed tremendous leadership skills, and was never afraid to tackle on new challenges.

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New Recognition Programs!

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For the upcoming year, the FBLA Arizona State Officer Team has decided to create a monthly Member, Adviser, and Chapter Awards  Program to recognize the outstanding efforts you and your chapter put forth during the school year! Below is more information about each award, and how to receive each distinction:

Member of the Month: Nominate a member or local officer who has largely contributed in business class, fundraisers, or community service. Nomination forms (which will be attached to this email) can be filled out and sent to our State President (Jaime.Mares@azfbla.org) by email! Nominations will be reviewed and will be posted on our social media outlets.

Adviser of the Month: FBLA members can now nominate their advisors to be recognized as Adviser of the Month! All a member has to do is contact our State President (Jaime.Mares@azfbla.org) through email with their name, school they teach at, and a brief message about them. Nominations will be reviewed and posted on our social media outlets.

Chapter Recognition: Send Jaime.Mares@azfbla.org information about a local chapter event, fundraiser, or community service project and be recognized on our social media outlets. The information will be posted to all applicable social media, and will also be on a wall of recognition during State Leadership Conference!

We hope to hear from you soon and learn about the amazing things you are doing! Have a great year!